"Türkiye'nin Yat Kiralama Markası Oscar Denizcilik 'ten Fethiye'deki Tüm Tekne Turlarında En Uygun Fiyat"

Fethiye Tekne turlarına Oscar Denizcilik ile katılın en uygun fiyat garantisi, online rezervasyon, kredi kartı ile işlem rahatlığı, taksit imkanları ve dahası. Oscar Denizcilik Tekne Turları Şimdi Türkiye'nin her yerinde. 2020 tekne turu fiyatları ve rezervasyon için aşağıdaki şehir linklerine tıklayarak, Şehrinizdeki en iyi tekne turu teknelerimizi inceleyebilir, şeffaf ve gerçek müşteri yorumlarını okuyabilir ve anında online rezervasyon yapabilirsiniz. Tüm Fethiye tekne turlarımızda ücretsiz servis imkanımız vardır. 

Fethiye Köpük Partili Tekne
Fethiye Korsan Tekne Turu
Fethiye Tekne Turu Firmaları
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Fethiye Tekne Turu


Brokerlarımız haftanın her günü 09:00 - 23:00 saatleri arasında sizlere Ücretsiz telefon desteği ve danışmanlık sunmaktadır.

Tekne Turu Rezervasyonu ve Sorularınız İçin Sizlere Bir Telefon Kadar Yakınız. 444-1-824

Fethiye Tekne Turları

Oscar Denizcilik A.Ş. 40 Ülkede 30.000 Gulet ve Yat ile...

"Tekne Gulet Yat - Al Sat Kirala "


Türkiye Tekne Turları Ayın Öne Çıkan Tekneleri

"Türkiye'nin En Büyük Yat Kiralama Firması Oscar Denizcilik A.Ş. İle Hayallerinize Yelken Açın"

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How much do you charge for Wix Partner related website services?

There are many factors that are involved when it comes to determing the pricing of our Wix Partner services. We've even written a full article to help explain what all goes into determining pricing, which you can find by clicking here.

To help us get started as easily as possible, we've converted our services to be categorized into 3 different service types:

1. Consulting
For hourly support services, we offer a free Zoom meeting consultation to discuss your project needs. For fixed priced quotations, please see our bookable consultation & fixed price quotation service to learn more.

If preferred, you can always email us at support@sunrisecoding.com or reach out to us by live chat for the quickest response time.

2. Hourly Support Services
These services are used mostly for Wix Velo development where we add or edit the functionalities of your website. Hourly services can also be used for any other requested tasks at the discretion of Sunrise Coding. Our hourly services can also be used to build an entire website, however, this would not be recommended due to the risk of varying costs. With this being said, smaller projects are much easier to estimate when it comes to hourly support services. We've also categorized many of our individual services into our different hourly packages to help give you an idea of how long our most frequently requested tasks can take.

3. Fixed Price Services

Fixed price services first require a paid consultation of $50. We use this fee to cover the cost of time that it takes to carefully plan each detail of your Wix related project. With fixed price quotations, the price is gauranteed at the time of proposal acceptance. On each of our proposals, we include an itemized list of every design and development task that is involved with your project.

I need Wix related help. How do I get started?

We have many ways to get started!
The fastest way to get started would be to visit our Request a Quote page. On this page you'll be able to select which service type you feel will best fit your needs.
If you'd prefer, you can also send us an email at support@sunrisecoding.com, reach out to us through live chat, or schedule a free phone call consultation.

How fast can you get started and how fast can you complete our project?

Of course, every project is different. Please know that any timing or pricing estimates are completely dependant on the level of complexity of the requested implementations. After you have requested a quote and have provided more info to us on your project needs, we can then give you a more accurate estimation as to when we may be able to start on the project as well as the estimated date of completion.

As for our hourly support services, please see our current bookable availabilities by clicking here.

Do you offer any form of Wix related tutoring?

Yes we do! At this time, we are able to offer free consultations across any Wix related question you might have. If there is ever a time where you have a random Wix question, please feel free to reach out to us as we'll be more than happy to help.

If you should hire us to complete an implemention for you, then please know that at the end of every project, we create custom recorded walkthrough videos. Whatever implementation we are building and providing to you, we want you to easily understand how to work with these items.

If you should ever have any tutorial related questions throughout our project, please let us know and we'll be more than happy to create additional videos for you to help answer any questions you may have.

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